Easy Microfinance has entered into a partnership with Ongo and NearMe enabling its clients to repay their loans at Ongo or NearMe agents near them or through the Ongo or NearMe digital wallets. Clients will not need to travel to their Easy Branch in order to repay their loans, thus saving a lot of time and money! Using this service is optional and will incurr a small fee of 200 kyats per transaction per borrower charged directly by Ongo or NearMe on top of the loan repayment amount.

How does it work?

In order to be able to perform a loan repayment at an agent you will need your Easy Microfinance Identification number:

    • For individual loan clients it can be found at the bottom of your payment plan, behind your signature (Client ID)
    • For grouplending clients it can be found under the group name at the top of each member’s individual repayment schedule (Member ID). Note that group members can also make their repayments individually. If group leaders make repayments for members, they would need to bring the member ID’s of the members for who they are making the payment.

Ongo clients can also repay their loans at Ongo agents using their Ongo QR code, available from the Easy App.

At the agent, the following steps should be followed:

    1. Provide the agent with the Ongo QR Code or with the Easy Microfinance Identification number
    2. Verify that the name and the amount indicated by the agent are correct
    3. Hand the repayment amount and the 200 kyats transaction fee to the Agent
    4. Verify that the information and amounts on the receipt are correct

Your loan repayment has now been completed!

Clients that have a digital wallet from Ongo or from NearMe can also repay their loans digitally from their phone.

Where to find the agents?

Ongo agents can be found using the following agent locator:

NearMe agents can be found at the following locations:

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